Division 1

That was an interesting week 1 to say the least. The odds on the top 2 from last year, being the bottom two after the first games would have been unbelievable. This is softball and this stuff happens. The Blue Sox losing to 9-man Typhoons was the eye catcher of the week, followed by the Titans default to the Blue Jays, with both defeats coming at home. The Falcons led the way after their debut win over the Scorchers Orange, virtue of the Spartans scoring 6 runs against the Jets, who sit second. The Top four is rounded out by the Blue Jays and the Typhoons, who it must be said have registered more wins this year already than in their last campaign in 2021.

Division 2

If we were looking for clues and answers from Week 1, well we didn’t get many. We knew going in the Rattlesnakes would be strong scorers and that proved correct with 20 runs in the first inning. However, Hurricanes aside, the spread of runs conceded by the teams was 10 runs. Scorchers Yellow, who last time out propped up the division, led the defensive stats with 17 runs, their 19-17 win over the Blue Bolts enough to put them top of the pile. The Gladiators and Flyers fought out a ding-dong battle at Egham that looked an early candidate for the new extra inning rule, before the Gladiators edged it. The top four is completed by the Scorchers Red, who won at the Wildcats.