Week 10 of the Indoor league looks to be taking on a huge significance as the Typhoons cut the Scorchers lead at the top of the table as they ready themselves to face off this week.

Going into Week 9, the Scorchers held a 10-point lead over the chasing pack of 4 teams. The Typhoons and Jets met in this round of fixtures, while the other two challengers, Blue Sox and Blue Jays, waited to come in 10 week on.

The Jets were at a little more disadvantage, being 11 points back, but both teams knew that their runs in in the final 5 weeks did include games against each other. The league was turning into a mid-league or 5 teams, with Maidenhead already out of contention and the Rattlesnakes on the verge.

First game of week 9 was the Typhoons facing the Rattlesnakes. This was a must win for both team, and the Typhoons took the early advantage and a 5 run lead, 16-11 after the first inning. In a symmetrical game, the Typhoons scored 16 in their second inning leaving the Rattlesnakes needing 22 to win. They managed to repeat their first inning score to go down 32-22.

A win that effectively eliminated the Rattlesnakes and allowed the Typhoons to cut that gap at the top to 7.

The Rattlesnakes next faced the Jets. The Jets, who were 2020 winners, faced the prospect of also being eliminated in the title race if they couldn’t pick up maximum points. They made a slow start in this one and after one trailed 16-10. Even batting second and knowing your target, 6 runs in a time format is a big gap to make up. The Jets tighten defensively in the second inning, but left themselves needing 20 runs to win. The Rattlesnakes defended doggedly, even when the Jets seemed to be on roll with a series of home-runs, but in the end that wasn’t enough and the Rattlesnakes picked up an unexpected victory 29-21.

The last game saw the Typhoons take on the Jets. Defeat against the Rattlesnakes was a big blow for the Jets title chances, but a victory could also deal one to the Typhoons. Two contenders capable of knocking each other out the race.

The Typhoons started strong, rising to the occasion, and building a big first inning lead, 21-8, as they started the second. The Jets rallied somewhat in their inning, but the Typhoons meant business, they knew what a win would mean and the held the Jets to just 12 runs, meaning the game was over before they batted again. They can therefore be forgiven for not quite reaching the heights of the first inning, but it was still an impressive 33-20 victory.

Two wins for the Typhoons meant they go into Week 10, just 4-points adrift of the Scorchers and with them to play. As for the Jets, two defeats effectively puts the title beyond them for this season. They can still, along with the Rattlesnakes, play a big part in deciding the destination of the title, but it won’t be their trophy case.