The 2023 Indoor League season kicked off on November 23rd with the first of 14 weeks play. Seven teams will be competing in 2023, with the Rattlesnakes back playing in the league after a small hiatus.

The Rattlesnakes were one of the three teams playing on the opening night along with Maidenhead and Bracknell Scorchers.

The opening game was a close tense affair between Rattlesnakes and Maidenhead. Going into the final inning Maidenhead led, but a fight back by the Rattlesnakes saw them edge the encounter 21-20 to start the season with a win.

The Scorchers took on Maidenhead in the second game. They came out to play from the first moment and played a solid all-around game that on the night was too much for Maidenhead as they got their 2023 campaign off to a winning start, 30-14.

Maidenhead finished the first week 0-2 leaving the two unbeaten teams to face off in the final game of the evening.

The Scorchers carried their second game form into this one and despite multiple home runs from George Bryce, the Rattlesnakes could not keep up with the Scorchers offence as they fell 29-21.

Despite that defeat, a 1-1 record on the night was a good return for the Snakes, and they get to play again in Week 2. For the Scorchers they can look at the early season table with some pride and can now sit back and watch week 2 before they play again in week 3.